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Posted on 05 September 2016 (0)


Penny Dreadful, a show originally released May 1st on showtime hit me as being just that, Dreadful. The show has recently come to Netflix. Not being a great horror movie fan in the first place I wasn’t too excited about watching this. I turned out to be wrong as usual. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Horror movies always have scary covers, good or bad.

This show’s cover is under stated. The acting and set’s are far from typical. Sure there are the usual Vampires, a couple of Frankenstein’s including Dr. Frankenstein. A few mysterious people who haven’t revealed themselves yet but I’ve only watched the first show so far. I have found the acting, camera work, direction and plot to be superb. I’m assuming it will only get better as the show progresses. I’ve already heard some great reviews on the second show.

If you’re the type of person who would enjoy a riveting, gristle, extremely grotesque and sinister, evening of entertainment this show’s for you. Just make sure the kids are put to bed and the doors are locked before you watch. And please don’t blame me if you have a hard time sleeping at night.

One Punch and I fell to the ground.

Posted on 28 August 2016 (0)

One punch and I fell to the ground, it was lights out for me. I was only 14 and my best friend got a pair of boxing gloves for his birthday. Well what would you do if your friend got boxing gloves? You’d box of course. It was the first time I ever boxed, professionally. We’ll there was no one to pay us but we did have boxing gloves, it was just like a real fight.

I found out that my friend had a weak spot. He was left handed and I was right. Whenever I came in from the top right I would connect. When your 14 and you find an advantage, friend or no friend you tend to capitalize on it. He stayed open for several rounds and I kept connecting. I wasn’t winning though because it just served to make him madder. Then he came at me with an upper cut to the jaw. I literally saw stars and hit the ground, it totally knocked me out for five or six seconds. That was the first and last time I got knocked out in a fight. Not because I’m good but because I don’t get into fights.

The entertainment and movie world is totally different though. We see so much we don’t even notice it. I really don’t think there’s an action movie out there where someone doesn’t get into a fight and their opponent doesn’t get knocked out, stabbed, blown up or shot. Did I forget to mention drowned or dropped out of an airplane? Wait there’s more, pistol wiped and knocked over the head with a bottle, bat, candlestick holder, chair, small table, lamp…go ahead you can name a few too I’m sure. They all sound familiar though, don’t they? The funny thing is that I didn’t even mention explosions or crashes.

The truth is that violence is simply over exaggerated because we love to watch it. If it weren’t, there wouldn’t be any action heroes or action movies. How boring would that be? When you think about it there are probably only a few movies without some type of violence but I really can’t think of any, can you?


Posted on 21 August 2016 (0)


This is one of those shows that you just stumble into. Being a true to life sinner, this isn’t a show I would normally watch. I think it was just the style of the “Preacher” that caught my eye. The silver collar tips that adorned his collar, his western boots or his short side high top hair style. Maybe it was just his beard. In any case he certainly looked like a stylin’ bad boy Preacher.

The series was produced from a Marvell comic book series released much earlier. If I would tell you that this is a bizarre story line I may just be understating it. The story starts with a small asteroid or comet blasting around the moon and into the earth but before it hits the scene cuts into a church service in Africa. A ghost type image delivered by the falling object fly’s in thru the front door and seems to possess the preacher. At first it looks like he’s received some unknown power until he spontaneously combusts.

What happens in Africa remains a mystery. The scene cuts back to our Preacher and his close friends. One was an old lover who used to live with him as a child until his preacher father had her sent to a foster home. The other is an Irish Vampire who loves to drink alcohol or gasoline if they’re out of the later. He’s a vampire, nothing will kill him but the usual vampire killing things like daylight and I’m not sure about a steak in the heart since no one seemed to mention it. A beautiful church girl with a couple of kids who the town Mayor is in love with and the Sheriff’s kid who tried to blow his head off with a shot gun but instead left him looking like his anus was in the middle of his face. I hope I wasn’t too graphic but you really have to just watch this because trying to describe it will just make me seem deranged.

Now the Preacher is bestowed a power giving him the ability to command anyone to do anything and they WILL do it without question. Of course he doesn’t know he has this power at first so he doesn’t tend to abuse it. The power only seems to become noticeable when the priest looses his temper and tells the sheriff’s kid to go to hell. Then he realizes his friend is a Vampire, his girl friend is off to kill an old partner in crime. Oh and did I mention the rich owner of a nasty slaughter house next door who wants to expand his business by taking over the church and the surrounding property.

I didn’t want to mention the angels dressed like cowboys and God, yes God himself who turns out to be…OH just watch it yourself, you probably already think I’m making this all up. Just trust me, this one is worth watching. Five Stars!

The TV Remote Future is here

Posted on 16 August 2016 (0)


If you’re not too, too young you must remember the futuristic movie with Tom Cruise,”Minority Report”. The futuristic cop played by Cruise stood in front of a huge transparent screen and waved his hands around to somehow control the images, sliding them on and off the screen while he looked intently for the evidence he was after.

That future is basically not too far away now, in fact the TV Remote Future is here. The screens can be that huge and they can be transparent but are not readily available yet, unless you have as much money as Tom Cruise. There are a whole gaggle of companies coming out with gesture recognition technology that will be close however. The screens aren’t transparent but they are pretty darn thin. The screen isn’t the fun though. The fun is making these Godlike gestures to watch what you want. You’re like Merlin the magician. It will not only be a whole lot of fun but just imagine the looks on your friends face when they come over to watch your God like gestures..

The leader in this new technology so far seems to be Samsung’s Smart Interaction. It’s currently available in the ES7500 and the ES8000 LCD TV’s and E8999 Series Plasmas. Samsung used a built in microphone and video camera which recognizes both hand and voice commands. It comes with a conventional remote but you can basically slip it in the drawer to use when your grandparents come over so as not to scare them to death. But wait there’s more, the TV’s also have face recognition so you can create individual user profiles. That’s right your TV will recognize you and only you if your register. It will certainly give you a kind of God like feeling.

LG has come out with a wand type gesture based TV remote with it’s new Magic Motion remote control line. They work similarly to a Nintendo Wii game controller where you wave it a certain way for certain controls. All you have to do is point the wand at the TV to move a cursor through the on screen menus. You then just click and scroll the wheel to make your favorite selection. You can even use the wheel to scroll through the channels and browse, just like the mouse on a computer.

Panasonic threw itself into the ring packing a small, egg shaped second remote with a huge circular touch pad in the center to control all of their new VT50 plasma TV’s. You can use your thumb to control a mouse-like cursor and navigate through the menus. You can even enter text using an onscreen virtual keyboard. All you have to do to make a selection is tap the screen or click the left arrow key at the top of the remote.

Now that we have you dreaming about the future all day and how wonderful that future must be we are going to step back a bit to burst your bubble. Most of this stuff is cutting edge technology and like all new technology it will take some real time to iron out the bugs. Just ask Henry Ford, oh yea he’s dead but we’re always coming out with new ideas for the car. Well I hope you get what I mean. Most of you will be frustrated trying out these new controls at home. At least the guys in the test labs were. It will take a while to acclimate yourself to talking to a TV. Even programming the thing and getting it used to your voice is best to be done when no one is watching, because you will look and sound like an idiot. Once you start waving your hands around at the screen you will definitely look like one. Especially when things don’t work exactly right every time. Frankly it’s more fun just telling people about your remote then actually demonstrating it. Save them for a time when you’re just all alone and nobody’s around to make fun of you.

Best Shows to watch in August.

Posted on 09 August 2016 (0)


Stranger Things (Netflix)

An appropriate title. This one you’re going to want to watch all the way thru. It like one of those books you can’t put down. A flash back to the 80’s a group of kids go monster hunting, with a monster? You’ll just have to watch this for yourself .


Mr Robot (Amazon)

This one grabbed everyone’s attention last year making the Best of 2015 lists everywhere. It seems to continue to get darker and more mysterious making you actually wonder if the show itself is real or a figment of your imagination. It’s a thriller about a cyber paranoid hacker who is not sure what is reality and what is not. Watch it yourself and it will draw you in. One of the Best Shows to watch in August


BrainDead (Amazon)

If you’re not brain dead yet you can be after watching this. Isn’t that what entertainment is about, to relax your Brain? BrainDead is a new series from Robert and Michelle King, creators of the Good Wife. BrainDead a science fiction show that takes place in Washington when a swarm of Space ants crawl inside people’s ears and make their brain explode. Well at least that’s what I’ve seen for now. It looks like a show will be added weekly, chances are that if you’re not Brain Dead you will be soon after watching this series, isn’t that what TV is all about anyway?


The Girlfriend Experience (Amazon)

Although this series starts unbearably slow I guarantee it will grow on you. The main character embarks on an exploration of the sex industry . The plot will continue to thicken and the suspense will keep building with surprises in every turn. The ending to this will totally surprise you.


iZombie (Netflix)

Although this series has a really strange name, it’s only because it has a really strange premise. A woman becomes a Zombie by accident at a boat party. She then takes a job at the local morgue to quench her appetite for brains. Yes I said it, brains. Where else can you find dead bodies? Unfortunately these brains give her an insight of the owner’s life. Doing the decent thing she help the police solve their murders. Oh forget it you’ll just have to watch it to believe it.

Big Winners at Comic – Con 2016

Posted on 02 August 2016 (0)

The first Wonder Woman Trailer, the rage of this years Comic-con.

There have been a lot of good tries to introduce Wonder Woman to the viewing public with no successes. You’re still going to have to wait about a year to see it but a real winner is expected next summer. Warner Brothers just presented the first trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con this year. Directed by Patty Jenkins and staring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright it is already touted to make it a home run. You’ll just need to remain patient because it’s not going to open until June 2, 2017. Sure it’s a long wait but it’s first trailer made it look like it would be DC’s best live action movie ever, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Suicide Squad

Coming sooner then you think, Suicide Squad with the baddest bad guys, will be DC’s next film and will be opening in only a few weeks. The cast appeared in Hall H at Comic-Con and revealed it’s super villain team. Evidently it turned out to be a more in-depth introduction to the squad then ever shown before. Directed by David Ayer, Suicide Squad opens August 5th starring Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Biola Davis and Joel Kinnaman.


Finally there’s a movie that isn’t a sequel and has no super hero but still made a splash at Comic-Con. Introducing Luc Besson’s Valerian. People who saw the film simply raved about the movie all weekend. A fun very creative science fiction film everyone is expecting it to be a major home run when it arrives in 2017.

Marvel at a handful of new movies.

Visitors were treated to a number of delights. Starting with a much, much better Doctor Strange trailer and a simply fantastic first introduction to “The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″. Closely following was the introduction of the Black Panther cast and the much awaited Spider-man ” Homecoming” and the much, much more anticipated casting of Captain Marvel. The real treat in the event was Thor: Ragnarok director Taiki Waititi’s mockumentary about what Thor did while the rest of the Marvel heroes were in a Civil War.

Luke Cage

Just arrived is the first trailer for the newest Marvel/Netflix series and is a breath of fresh air. Unlike all the other conflicted super hero shows Luke Cage is happy to be a super hero, and simply loves his job.

Christopher James Priest

Returning this year to the screen where he exploded as one of the highlights of Comic-Con 2016. Thirty years after becoming the first black writer and editor at Marvel and DC. Priest won an Inkpot Award at this year’s convention and much of the hoopla around the soon to be released Black Panther movie comes from his efforts. His next project will be DC’s new title Deathstroke. I think we can expect something great after experiencing his last few projects.

And there you have it, the Big Winners at Comic – Con 2016. as far as the losers go well you’ll have to decide on your own.

The Beginning of Television

Posted on 25 July 2016 (0)


The Beginning of Television started just 12 years after the North and South stopped fighting the American Civil war in 1876 a civil servant by the name of George Carey had envisioned a complete television system. That following year in 1877 he presented drawings for what he named a “Selenium Camera”. The camera would enable people to see with electricity. Right around the same time Paiva, Figuier and Serlecq wer other scientists who suggested alternate designs for what they called “Telectroscopes”. The possibility of seeing images at a distance was written about in a March 1877 New York Sun letter to the editor which read,”An eminent scientist of this city…is said to be on the verge of publishing a series of important discoveries, and exhibiting an instrument he invented by himself by means of which objects or persons standing or moving in any part of the world may be instantaneously seen anywhere and by anybody.”

A deeper interest was seeded and other people jumped on board. Eugen Goldsrein introduced the term “Catho Rays” which described the light emitted when an electric current flowed through a vacuum tube, which he did in 1876. A gentleman named Sheldon Bidwell experimented in what he called ” Telephotography in 1881. Our friends in Europe entered the race when Paul Nipkow from Germany submitted a patent application for a way to transmit images through electricity. The images were imprinted on a spinning metal disk which he called the “Electric Telescope”.

While Edison and Bell were working together on similar projects at the same time. They were becoming more and more famous because of the many inventions the two had developed. Their intent was to develop a telephone where you can see the person you were talking to at the same time while conversing with them. Bell was very worried that someone would beat him to the patent office. In 1880 he quickly deposited a sealed box containing an invention which he called the “Photophone” with the Smithsonian Institution just in case he needed to prove his ownership of the idea.

Unfortunately other inventors had different ideas. Printed images of people listening to a live concert while a device projected the image of the performance on their wall. It became such a popular notion of the future that it was strongly promoted at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris during the first International Congress of Electricity was held. During that world fair a Russian by the name of Constantin Perskyi was the first known person to call the device a television.

The Worlds Fair shifted the momentum from ideas and discussions to the actual physical development of television technology. There were a couple of alternate paths taken one being the mechanical television based on Nipkow’s rotating disks and the other which was developed by both A.A.Campbell-Swinton an English Inventor and Boris Rosing a Russian Scientist in 1907.

An American Charles Jenkins and a Scotsman named John Baird pursued the mechanical model. Almost simultaneously Philo Farnsworth was working totally independently in San Francisco. Bladimir Zworkin who began working for Westinghouse and later moved to RCA also contributed to the advancement of the electronic model.

In the early 1920’s Jenkins, in the U.S. and Baird from England both got the 1st television programming on the air in the early 1920’s. Both broadcasts were very primitive comprised of stick figures and silhouettes.

Two notable outcomes came out of Jenkins first experiences. Jenkins received the first U.S. television license for W3XK in 1928 for operating out of Weaton, MD. In 1930 he was fined for broadcasting the first TV commercial by the Federal Radio commission which was the predecessor of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

During that same period Farnsworth was demonstrating an electronic pickup and image scanning device called the Image Dissector. Zworkin brought out the first iconoscope camera tube which he named the electric eye. On April 9, 1927 Bell Laboratories and the Department of Commerce demonstrated the first long-distance transmission of a live image and audio simultaneously. The star was the Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover who said afterward:

“Today we have, in a sense, the transmission of sight for the first time in the world’s history. Human genius has now destroyed the impediment of distance in a new respect, and in a manner hitherto unknown.”

Mostly the american public at the time except for a few electronic and radio hobbyists remained completely unaware of this accomplishment and the world remained totally ignorant of this new technology. Of course some small incidences including the depression, shortly followed by World War 2 seemed to be a bit of a distraction but just think of how far we’ve come in less than 100 years.

Netflix has set the bar high

Posted on 21 July 2016 (0)


1) Netflix has set the bar high by spending several billion dollars in 2016 on the premise that content is King!. Their goal is to continue offering top quality content featuring top talent in acting and sports. So far they are leading the way as the number one content provider.

2) The more content that becomes available the more band with companies are going to have to provide to deliver and compete. The pressure continues to grow on Content Distribution Networks and various core presentation industries. These companies are fighting to stay current with the new technologies.

3) With a large amount of new device technologies such as smart phones, tablets and wearable tech there is a greater demand for mobile aps. They are growing in popularity and the raise in demand for bandwidth is significant. With the availability of video on demand on mobile devices tends to drive this trend.

4) Technology is growing. Choice is an important quality in American and even global culture. Today more and more choices are available and there is a wave of new choices coming in the near future.

5) Content, content, content! Amazon and Facebook have recently entered the battle with ownership and control of video rights. There is mounting pressure for providers to constantly deliver more and better content on a regular basis. Netflix has set the bar very high even before most content providers noticed. They have actually pulled the rug out from under the cable business and have gotten a great head start. Now it’s time for the competition to put some money on the line to try to compete.

Movie Mashups

Posted on 20 July 2016 (0)


We took the two top movies of the week, now playing at a theater near you and combined them into what we think is an possible Academy Winning Hit Movie. We’ll be doing this once a month so come by and see what we come up with Let us know what your thoughts or ideas are. If you want to see any Movie Mashups just send us your suggestions and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll mention your name or not, just let us know. Let your imagination run wild!

If there are any movies you would like to see combined don’t be shy send us that too. We love a challenge.

Introducing the first 4K UHD TV

Posted on 20 July 2016 (0)


You may already have one because they have already hit the market but there was no hardware available yet to get the big bang out of your big bucks. On August 2nd Xbox will be releasing the system that will utilize the new technology which will support the new Xbox One S Ultra HD Blu-ray. The system can upscale video games from 1080p to 4k resolution.

There isn’t much that makes a TV manufacturer happier then their ability to add a huger number on their brand new product. Microsoft just hit a big home run by introducing the first 4K UHD TV. 4K describes the amount of pixels or resolution of the set. I is also being used to introduce a whole bunch of new features which will introduce the highest image quality available on a Television.

The new 4K was the top star at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It certainly seemed to blow away the 3D fans and folds looking for something new even though the cost may just send you searching for an alternative. Just be patient though, you may not be the first on your block to have one but eventually something this good will be everywhere at bargain basement prices eventually.

To entice your even further, if the high resolution isn’t enough to tempt you to run out today and buy one there are additional bells and whistles such as High-Dynamic Range, Quantum Dot and even OLED panels.

Let’s make sure you understand what all these things are. 4K again means a much cleared picture quality. It’s more pixels then anything on the market, in fact as high as 8,294,400. If you had to count them it may take a couple of years. But forget that it simply creates images that re much crisper and capable of showing much more details then anything else on the market today. Just so you get the Picture think of your TV as a grid, with rows and columns. A full HD 1080p image is 1080 rows high and 1920 columns wide. The new 4K image pretty much doubles both of these numbers which in turn gives you four times the amount of pixels then your old top of the line TV. So your new TV is almost four times clearer then your old set. The only catch is there isn’t a lot of devises transmitting at that high resolution other then the new X Box One S.

It almost makes sense to wait. You will be paying top dollar for a TV that is capable of playing really high resolution sames from only one system. Honestly it might be would be totally worth it if there were TV shows and other gaming platforms that would utilize this higher resolution but remember patience is a virtue, holding out for a while will just motivate content suppliers to catch up a little quicker.