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The Beginning of Television

Posted on 25 July 2016 (0)


The Beginning of Television started just 12 years after the North and South stopped fighting the American Civil war in 1876 a civil servant by the name of George Carey had envisioned a complete television system. That following year in 1877 he presented drawings for what he named a “Selenium Camera”. The camera would enable people to see with electricity. Right around the same time Paiva, Figuier and Serlecq wer other scientists who suggested alternate designs for what they called “Telectroscopes”. The possibility of seeing images at a distance was written about in a March 1877 New York Sun letter to the editor which read,”An eminent scientist of this city…is said to be on the verge of publishing a series of important discoveries, and exhibiting an instrument he invented by himself by means of which objects or persons standing or moving in any part of the world may be instantaneously seen anywhere and by anybody.”

A deeper interest was seeded and other people jumped on board. Eugen Goldsrein introduced the term “Catho Rays” which described the light emitted when an electric current flowed through a vacuum tube, which he did in 1876. A gentleman named Sheldon Bidwell experimented in what he called ” Telephotography in 1881. Our friends in Europe entered the race when Paul Nipkow from Germany submitted a patent application for a way to transmit images through electricity. The images were imprinted on a spinning metal disk which he called the “Electric Telescope”.

While Edison and Bell were working together on similar projects at the same time. They were becoming more and more famous because of the many inventions the two had developed. Their intent was to develop a telephone where you can see the person you were talking to at the same time while conversing with them. Bell was very worried that someone would beat him to the patent office. In 1880 he quickly deposited a sealed box containing an invention which he called the “Photophone” with the Smithsonian Institution just in case he needed to prove his ownership of the idea.

Unfortunately other inventors had different ideas. Printed images of people listening to a live concert while a device projected the image of the performance on their wall. It became such a popular notion of the future that it was strongly promoted at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris during the first International Congress of Electricity was held. During that world fair a Russian by the name of Constantin Perskyi was the first known person to call the device a television.

The Worlds Fair shifted the momentum from ideas and discussions to the actual physical development of television technology. There were a couple of alternate paths taken one being the mechanical television based on Nipkow’s rotating disks and the other which was developed by both A.A.Campbell-Swinton an English Inventor and Boris Rosing a Russian Scientist in 1907.

An American Charles Jenkins and a Scotsman named John Baird pursued the mechanical model. Almost simultaneously Philo Farnsworth was working totally independently in San Francisco. Bladimir Zworkin who began working for Westinghouse and later moved to RCA also contributed to the advancement of the electronic model.

In the early 1920’s Jenkins, in the U.S. and Baird from England both got the 1st television programming on the air in the early 1920’s. Both broadcasts were very primitive comprised of stick figures and silhouettes.

Two notable outcomes came out of Jenkins first experiences. Jenkins received the first U.S. television license for W3XK in 1928 for operating out of Weaton, MD. In 1930 he was fined for broadcasting the first TV commercial by the Federal Radio commission which was the predecessor of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

During that same period Farnsworth was demonstrating an electronic pickup and image scanning device called the Image Dissector. Zworkin brought out the first iconoscope camera tube which he named the electric eye. On April 9, 1927 Bell Laboratories and the Department of Commerce demonstrated the first long-distance transmission of a live image and audio simultaneously. The star was the Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover who said afterward:

“Today we have, in a sense, the transmission of sight for the first time in the world’s history. Human genius has now destroyed the impediment of distance in a new respect, and in a manner hitherto unknown.”

Mostly the american public at the time except for a few electronic and radio hobbyists remained completely unaware of this accomplishment and the world remained totally ignorant of this new technology. Of course some small incidences including the depression, shortly followed by World War 2 seemed to be a bit of a distraction but just think of how far we’ve come in less than 100 years.

Netflix has set the bar high

Posted on 21 July 2016 (0)


1) Netflix has set the bar high by spending several billion dollars in 2016 on the premise that content is King!. Their goal is to continue offering top quality content featuring top talent in acting and sports. So far they are leading the way as the number one content provider.

2) The more content that becomes available the more band with companies are going to have to provide to deliver and compete. The pressure continues to grow on Content Distribution Networks and various core presentation industries. These companies are fighting to stay current with the new technologies.

3) With a large amount of new device technologies such as smart phones, tablets and wearable tech there is a greater demand for mobile aps. They are growing in popularity and the raise in demand for bandwidth is significant. With the availability of video on demand on mobile devices tends to drive this trend.

4) Technology is growing. Choice is an important quality in American and even global culture. Today more and more choices are available and there is a wave of new choices coming in the near future.

5) Content, content, content! Amazon and Facebook have recently entered the battle with ownership and control of video rights. There is mounting pressure for providers to constantly deliver more and better content on a regular basis. Netflix has set the bar very high even before most content providers noticed. They have actually pulled the rug out from under the cable business and have gotten a great head start. Now it’s time for the competition to put some money on the line to try to compete.

Movie Mashups

Posted on 20 July 2016 (0)


We took the two top movies of the week, now playing at a theater near you and combined them into what we think is an possible Academy Winning Hit Movie. We’ll be doing this once a month so come by and see what we come up with Let us know what your thoughts or ideas are. If you want to see any Movie Mashups just send us your suggestions and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll mention your name or not, just let us know. Let your imagination run wild!

If there are any movies you would like to see combined don’t be shy send us that too. We love a challenge.

Introducing the first 4K UHD TV

Posted on 20 July 2016 (0)


You may already have one because they have already hit the market but there was no hardware available yet to get the big bang out of your big bucks. On August 2nd Xbox will be releasing the system that will utilize the new technology which will support the new Xbox One S Ultra HD Blu-ray. The system can upscale video games from 1080p to 4k resolution.

There isn’t much that makes a TV manufacturer happier then their ability to add a huger number on their brand new product. Microsoft just hit a big home run by introducing the first 4K UHD TV. 4K describes the amount of pixels or resolution of the set. I is also being used to introduce a whole bunch of new features which will introduce the highest image quality available on a Television.

The new 4K was the top star at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It certainly seemed to blow away the 3D fans and folds looking for something new even though the cost may just send you searching for an alternative. Just be patient though, you may not be the first on your block to have one but eventually something this good will be everywhere at bargain basement prices eventually.

To entice your even further, if the high resolution isn’t enough to tempt you to run out today and buy one there are additional bells and whistles such as High-Dynamic Range, Quantum Dot and even OLED panels.

Let’s make sure you understand what all these things are. 4K again means a much cleared picture quality. It’s more pixels then anything on the market, in fact as high as 8,294,400. If you had to count them it may take a couple of years. But forget that it simply creates images that re much crisper and capable of showing much more details then anything else on the market today. Just so you get the Picture think of your TV as a grid, with rows and columns. A full HD 1080p image is 1080 rows high and 1920 columns wide. The new 4K image pretty much doubles both of these numbers which in turn gives you four times the amount of pixels then your old top of the line TV. So your new TV is almost four times clearer then your old set. The only catch is there isn’t a lot of devises transmitting at that high resolution other then the new X Box One S.

It almost makes sense to wait. You will be paying top dollar for a TV that is capable of playing really high resolution sames from only one system. Honestly it might be would be totally worth it if there were TV shows and other gaming platforms that would utilize this higher resolution but remember patience is a virtue, holding out for a while will just motivate content suppliers to catch up a little quicker.

best shows in july

Posted on 14 July 2016 (0)

Best shows in July to watch both new and old.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black Season 4. June 17. This is the start of show for this season. It will be on Netflix so if you don’t subscribe you better do it today. The nice thing about Netflix is that if you haven’t seen the show at all yet you can catch up on all the past shows first, in a long weekend if you want to marathon it. Check out the cast at


Jul 31, 2015
26-year-old Ivy Moxam steps out of an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, on an ordinary day. Ivy hasn’t been seen for thirteen years, she was kidnapped in 2003 at the age of thirteen.
Writer: Marnie Dickens (creator)
Stars: Jodie Comer, Natasha Little, Stuart Graham |

Don’t Miss

Friday, July 15
12:01 a.m. PT – STRANGER THINGS – Netflix
12:01 a.m. PT – Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru – Netflix

Sunday, July 17
9:00 p.m. – Power – Starz
10:00 p.m. – Survivor’s Remorse – Starz
10 p.m. – Ballers – HBO
10:30 p.m. – VICE PRINCIPALS – HBO
11:00 p.m. – LIFE’S A BEACH – Travel

Tuesday, July 19
10 p.m. – SHOOTER – USA

Friday, July 22
12:01 a.m. PT – Degrassi – Netflix
12:01 a.m. PT – BoJack Horseman – Netflix
Sunday, July 24
11:54 p.m. – Survivor’s Remorse – STARZ
Thursday, July 28
10 p.m. – Ripper Street – BBC America
Friday, July 29
12:01 a.m. PT – Tallulah – Netflix
Sunday, July 31
8 p.m. – Sharknado: The 4th Awakens – Syfy

Starting Next Week on a Computer Near You.

Posted on 13 July 2016 (0)

Tech Tuesday…

Starting next week on a computer near you we are coming out with a couple of regularly scheduled articles every week. Hopefully with a little help from karma we’ll be able to deliver some interesting things related to TV’s, TV related equipment, gadgets and Entertainment. If you have any questions or want to know anything about technology related to TV’s, TV remotes or Television shows in general, send us an email and let us know.

Festival Friday

The top shows to watch for the next couple of weeks. Never spend the week again and miss that great show you’ve been waiting to see because we’ll probably have it on our blog post on Friday. If there’s something we miss let us know and we’ll write about that too. Plus if there happens to be 6 great shows we’ll mention that as well.

Monthly Movie Mash Up

Once a month we will be doing a movie poster combining two movie releases. Weather they go well together or not we’ll have to wait to find out. If you have any suggestions let us know and we’ll see what we can come up with. We’ll even give you credit for the idea!
If you become famous…who knows you may even get a free remote from us. Just make sure you send the model number of your TV with your request and don’t leave out your name and address.

Your wish is our command.

We rarely get any kind of requests other then for a television remote. If there is anything else you’ll simply love us to offer let us know. Our remotes don’t come with batteries, what do you think, should they? Our main reason is weight, and we are trying to keep the postage as reasonable as possible. Do to a lot of requests we started offering a lot of Air Conditioner Remotes. Are we forgetting anything? Don’t be afraid to contact us and let us know. Just email us at

A Picture, better then it has to be.

Posted on 10 July 2016 (0)


Just yesterday manufacturers came out with 4K TV’s that were the latest thing. Now that the Wow has gone they are already dropping in price. Of course TV manufacturers are looking for the next Wow and they want it now! Thankfully there is no shortage of new technologies that the TV companies can entice us to pay top dollar for that new state of the art television. Here are a few things you’ll want to get especially if your name is Jones and you may want your neighbors to try and keep up with you.

The newer and better 8K TV is out with a picture, better then it has to be. Made by Sharp it will give you an image of 7680 X 4320 pixels. Over 38 million pixels on a single screen and about four times the resolution you’ll get on a 4K set. It has a massive 85 inch size screen and only costs $133,000. Hey good things cost a bit more. Their only issues is that there are no images broadcast at that resolution yet. But when they do you’ll be ready for it, just make sure you get an extended warranty with it.

Scientists have been working hard on producing good contrasts. HDR technology is able to produce whiter whites and blacker blacks. HDR technology is also able to produce a much wider range of colors which produces a higher contrast ratio. The whites are whiter and the blacks are much closer to pitch black than any LED or OLED TV. Aren’t you glad you waited a little longer last year.

Microsoft blew everyone’s mind when it came out with it’s Kinect Xbox One. Lots of other game developers jumped on that band wagon technology. The simple fact is that it’s just awesome. PrimeSense which is the company behind the gesture control for Kinect, is bringing the gesture controls to TV remotes. Before Apple bought PrimeSense, the company planed to come out with a TV equipped with gesture control technology. Of course now Apple has their eye on it for the same purpose. Apple will be calling it PrimeSense and adding it as a new feature on their set-top box or on their own TV. It will make your hand the remote and enable you to flick through channels, swipe your hand to selected shows, and raise or lower your hand to control volume. It may just make you look like a music conductor, we’ll just have to wait and see if it catches on.

The End of the TV Remote?

Posted on 07 July 2016 (0)


There have literally been thousands of Brands of different TV’s and remote controls made throughout the years. They are all basically the same but all a little different. What I mean is that the volume button on your Sony remote may also work a few dozen other brand TV’s but not all the functions will work all the TV’s. Seems that every company works hard to have their own remotes although they are all basically really the same device.

The TV industry is constantly moving forward. TV’s are getting cheaper, or larger. The color is brighter or higher resolution. The sound is in surround sound or stereo. Every year there is something new. This quest is created by manufacturers to sell more products.

Vizio has recently come out with a new kind of TV set that uses a very unique type of remote. It’s a 6-inch tablet controller which acts like a traditional, internet-connected tablet. It changes your volume and channels. If you lose it, no problem, simply download the Vizio remote app to your cell phone and use it from there. It still doesn’t solve the problem of getting rid of the TV remote. If your kids want to change the channel do you really want them playing with your cell phone? Or maybe you could get some real serious family time by waiting on stand-by to change the channel for them.

The Tech community keeps saying that we are coming to The End of the TV Remote? How? I don’t know. Maybe a piece of electronics will someday be installed in your head. Until then though, I really don’t think there will be a short term solution other the Remote Hound of course.

Your I-Phone as a Remote

Posted on 06 July 2016 (0)

Sure you use your i-phone for making calls and sending texts but there are thousands of apps available that will let you do so much more. You can even control a ton of stuff around your house including your TV. Now keep in mind that there still isn’t a perfect replacement for your original TV remote but your I-Phone as a Remote can really come in handy when you miss-place your original TV remote in some cases.

Your DVR

Most DVR’s today have awful interfaces, but you can operate it with an app available from Comcast and other cable-internet providers. The app is available for your iPhone or iPad.

Your Security System

Almost all security companies are now offering apps that let you control your security from your iPhone. This can be handy when you need to let someone into your house but don’t want to give up your codes.

Your media center.

With a simple ad on of a small device that plugs into your charging port you can change your iPhone into an extremely easy to use universal remote. It’s called the L-5 remote add-on. Easy to program, you just point your old remote at the sensor and click the button.

Your lights

Philip’s Hue light bulbs can now be easily controlled via a free app for the iPhone. You’ll be able to turn your homes lights on as you get close to your house at night.

Your Thermostat

Cool It. Not only can you control the “Nest thermostat from anywhere with your iPhone but it can also connect to the internet via wi-fi. This will enable you to pre-program your house to be at different temperatures at different times and even on different days.

Your Canon Camera.

Smile, you can use your i-Phone as a shutter release enabling you to take a family shot at any time. There are also all kinds of settings that you can operate with the EOS app from Canon.

The PlayStation 3

Although Sony makes phones of their own they decided to make an app for the iPhone that gives you access to your PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network where ever in the world you are. Now you can buy new games to play when you get home while your out of town.

The Roomba

Roomba is great at keeping most floors clean but there are times when it would be nice to have a little more control. This app lets you control the Roomba to go exactly where you would like it to go. It’s almost like having a remote control override that lets you clean up the really dirty spots quickly.

Remote Control Toys.

A mobile video camera called the “Spy Tank” can attach to any remote control toy from a car to any aircraft. You can even attach it to your dog or cat, but don’t expect them to be too happy about it. It’s controlled via iPhone and can record both pictures and video that can be uploaded directly to most of your social media.

Door Locks

Black and Decker is now offering a new set of locks that can be locked and unlocked using a key or your i-Phone. The locks also work via key for those with low tech spouses

Baby Monitor.

A new monitor called the BabyPing Video Monitor lets you keep a watchful eye from anywhere on your phone. It can even send you a notification when it senses that your baby had woken up. It’s really great for monitoring the baby sitter or just making sure your husband is doing a good job.

Your Car

More and more car manufacturers have apps that let you control may functions in their vehicle. Most can control their locks, air conditioning and heating from anywhere. This allows you ti warm up you car on one of those cold winter days or cool it off in the heat of summer.
Tore has an new app for the electric Focus that goes a step further. It will let you monitor and control its charging as well as plan your routes in advance giving you power to spare. A critical item in an electric car.

Dogie Remote

Posted on 05 July 2016 (0)


Just when you thing you’ve seen it all now there’s finally a TV remote for you’re family dog.
It would actually work for your cat if you could only make him care about the TV.

The New remote is designed to look like a mat. This way Fido won’t be likely to just use it as a chew toy. The mat gives your dog the chance to change channels. The researchers have created a mat-like device with extra-large multi colored control buttons in colors that a dog can see. The remote also comes with a large paws button, no pun intended. It’s fabricated out of a durable plastic so that Fido can’t chew through to any raw wires.

The remote was designed by IIyena Hirskyj – Douglas, a PhD researcher in animal computer design at the University of Central Lancashire, England. It’s currently being tested by the pet company Wagg on 20 pet owners and their dogs.

Wagg’s goal is to have the dogie remote on the market by next year at a price of around $45. Ms. Hirskyj-Douglas said the new remote is the next step in the growing trend of animal computer iteration. Currently there is a growing trend in pet-focused interactive toys. Ms Hirskyj – Douglas claims that building this TV technology for dogs can provide entertainment for them when they are alone or through participating in activities with us.