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Broken Remote?

Replace Broken Remote Control

Has your remote simply stopped working.

• Test or replace the batteries.  If that doesn't work check the battery compartment for corrosion. If there is a white film over the contacts try using a pencil eraser to wipe them clean. Put in a fresh set of batteries and make sure you test them first.

• Check that your TV is physically set to the correct channel - 4, 8 or 11 - matching the number on the back of your remote control.

• Ensure that the your TV antenna is connected tightly.

• Clear any obstructions blocking the line of sight between your remote control and the Home Gateway/Set Top Box. Also make sure the laser port on your remote isn't obstructed by dirt, dust or tape.

• Make sure that you are using the appropriate remote control for the TV. Each remote is specific to each TV in your home. The proper channel number is labeled on the back of your  TV remote or owners mannual control.

• One of the largest problems  with remotes is conductivity with the circuit board. Tarnish builds up over time and about the only thing you can do is clean them There are key pad repair kits but they almost cost as much as a brand new replacement remote.