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The TV is often the center of our universe. It's a link to the outside world, news entertainment and education all comes to us through that little window to the world. Computers are beginning to integrate themselves into our homes entertainment room through the televisions set. TV's have thousands of channels, stereo and surround sound, high definition bluray and dvr's but without a remote control it's like stepping back into the fifties. The TV's remote is the Achilles heel of your TV set. That big expensive beautiful TV does so much but without a remote it's almost worthless. Unlike the TV, the remote control is small and not bolted to a wall or cabinet. It wanders around depending on who had it last. They break easy when dropped, or get soaked with water. Couches devour them and Dogs love to chew them. Once your remote is gone, dead, or missing in action it often tough to replace them. There are hundreds of brands and thousands or remotes. RemoteHound probably has your replacement. We have over 100,000 remotes in stock and they are at below factory prices. We have some competitors but beware, some of them sell used remotes. Our Remotes are Brand new OEM or Re manufactured Brand New Remotes that do everything your original remote did. No programming necessary and works right out of the box, just add batteries.

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